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Managing Originators' DO Sponsorships

Your sponsored originators can register for Desktop Originator® (DO®) by using the online registration tool, and you can use this tool to approve the originators’ request for relationships.

You must first select a point of contact in your organization to serve as the administrator of online registration. The administrator will be able to log in to the registration application and approve the originator’s request for sponsorship. Contact your Fannie Mae technology team to obtain a user ID for the administrator.

When an originator requests a relationship with your organization, you receive an e-mail with a link to the online registration page. You access the online registration page using your DU user ID and can review and approve new originator requests.

Using Technology Manager to Manage DO Originators' Sponsorship Requests

Technology Manager is used to view requests from brokers and correspondents who wish to be sponsored for Desktop Originator® (DO®). This tool is used to approve (Sponsor), deny (Do Not Sponsor), Hold or Remove a DO sponsorship request. You can also place a request on hold or remove the request from your list.

This document describes how to approve an originator’s request for DO sponsorship using Technology Manager.

  1. Go to the Technology Manager Application Log In page. 
  2. Enter your username and password, then click Sign On.

  1. The screen options you see will depend on your role. Each view is shown below. regardless of your view, click Manage Originator Sponsorships.
  • If you are a Technology Manager Corporate Administrator your view will look like the following.

  • If you are a Technology Manager User Administrator, your view will look like the following.

  • If you are not a Technology Manager Adminstrator, your view will look the following.

  1. Search for requests that are Pending, Held or Both using the Search Criteria.

  1. The Manager Originator Sponsorships screen appears with the list of originators requesting sponsorship. Select an originator to view the details of the request and approval options. 

Note: You can perform the following functions:

Remove: Delete the request from the list. This can be used if duplicate requests are received from the same originator.

Do Not Sponsor: Deny the originator's request for sponsorship.

Hold: Can be used if the request was reviewed but additional information is needed from the originator. It places the request under the "Hold Request List."

Sponsor: Accept the originator's request for sponsorship.

  1. Select Sponsor. The Select Institutions screen appears, listing your organization's DU institutions. 
  2. Select the institution(s) that you want the originator to use for submitting loan application data, and then click Continue


  1. On the confirmation screen, click Continue to confirm that you want to sponsor the originator.

  1. The Manage Originator Sponsorships screen re-appears with the request appearing as "Approved by Lender."

Repeat the steps to process additional sponsorships.

Note: For each request you accept, you will receive an e-mail that provides details of the request, including the originator information and the lender institutions you have assigned to that originator. In addition, the originator will receive an acceptance e-mail message on your behalf from Fannie Mae’s Online Registration system.

For further assistance contact the Technology Service Center at 800-2FANNIE (232-6643), or your Fannie Mae representative.