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Entering the Data for an HFA Preferred Loan

This document shows you how to enter the data for a Fannie Mae HFA Preferred™ loan. This document is not intended to provide detailed instructions for entering 1003 data in Desktop Originator®/ Desktop Underwriter® (DO®/DU®), but rather to explain the specific steps for entering the data needed for an HFA Preferred loan.

Note:  Lenders must be approved to deliver HFA Preferred loans to Fannie Mae.  For details on HFA Preferred loans, lenders should contact their state Housing Finance Agency (HFA) to determine if they are offering HFA Preferred loans; and mortgage brokers should contact their DO sponsoring wholesale lender.

The first step assumes that you have already logged in to DO/DU and you are in the casefile you want to submit as a HFA Preferred loan.

  1. Click Additional Data in the navigation bar.

  2. The Additional Data screen opens. Locate the Community Lending Information section.

  3. Take the following steps:

    1. Select HFA Preferred in the Community Lending Product field.

    2. If you are using a Community Seconds® mortgage, select Yes in the Community Seconds field. Otherwise, select No.

    3. If you are using a Community Seconds mortgage, you must select the appropriate option from the Community Seconds Repayment Structure drop-down list.

  4. When you are finished entering the necessary data for HFA Preferred and other required fields on the Additional Data page, click Submit.

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