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Simplifying password reset

We’ve simplified the password reset experience. Now anytime users at administrator-managed organizations wish to reset their passwords they can do so through a new automated process, eliminating the need to contact administrators directly. If the administrator approves the automated request, the user will be able to reset their password without having to answer security questions or enter a PIN.

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Manage your access in one place

The Technology Manager platform allows customers to manage user access to all Fannie Mae technology applications.


Below are some of the functions that can be performed through Technology Manager:

  • Manage applications:  Register an organization for an application, set up an application, and delete an application
  • Manage company configuration:  Manage company information 
  • Manage System IDs: Change a System ID Password
  • Manage users:  Create a new user, delete a user, and manage user access to applications and data folders (data sets within an application)
  • Generate reports:  Generate, print, and export reports
  • Manage data folders:  Edit data folders, and change billing options, if applicable
  • Manage user groups:  Create user groups, edit user groups, and delete a user group
  • Manage lender/broker relationships:  Reactivate and deactivate relationships
  • Modify Security Information: Edit password, PIN and security question and answer

New User

Contact the designated Technology Manager administrator at your company to register you for the application(s). Only administrators have the ability to set up and manage application access for users. Once registered, users can set up their passwords and update their personal profiles via Technology Manager.

Learn what to expect as a new user.

Registered Users

All users can update or change profile and security information including:

  • Password
  • Security question and Answer
  • E-mail address
  • Work address

Click here for all resources for registered users.


As an Administrator, you can manage your company's access to Fannie Mae technology applications and manage your user's access to these applications. 

To register a new administrator, please follow the instructions below:

Corporate & User Administrators* Other Users 
Register corporate and user administrators through Technology Manager via the Manage Users option on your dashboard. 

Call 800-2Fannie (800-232-6643)

Once your identity has been verified, you or your organization's point-of-contact will be notified by email with next steps. 

*User Administrators at organizations without a 5-digit seller/servicer number. 

Need more information? Click below to view administrator resources and job aids. 

Resources & Job Aids